Uploaded Sun Jan 08 2017 06:54 pm

ArcMaster v10.2 - Powerful archive system
control program/shell. Create/view ARJ,
LHA, UC2, ZIP files. User configurable
with complete color configuration.
Includes virus scanning using SCAN/NAV.
Copy/Move/Del files. Directory tree ops.
4DOS support. Supports UC2, has multi-dir
file list 80286 CPU or better required.
V 10.1 fixes 10.0 bugs.
files.bbs (3K)

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Uploaded Sun Jan 08 2017 06:54 pm

FormatMaster v5.6.  CAU dialog control
operated floppy disk format utility. Handles
5 1/4" or 3 1/2", single/dual capacity
drives. Transfer system files, volume label,
and/or serialnumber.  Supports sequential
serial numbers using volume label.  Creates
bootable non-system diskettes. Reinitialize
formatted disks with save/restore format
capability. Windows style INI file
configuration. (74K)

Uploaded Sun Jan 08 2017 06:54 pm

FormatMaster 1.3 for Windows - A Windows 3.1
floppy disk formatting utility that
facilitates the formatting of 5 1/4" and 3
1/2" diskettes. Includes a check disk
function, ability to view disk contents
prior to formatting, and can make "boot
thru" diskettes.  User configurable.
Registration fee is $25.00. (108K)

Uploaded Sun Jan 08 2017 06:54 pm

Graphic Browser v1.1 - Powerful GUI test
file browser system.  Open up to 9 text
file viewing windows.  Mark text for
copying/appending to a file or for
printing.  Text search, autoscroll, window
sizing, window tiling, and more.  Color
VGA required.  $20.00 Shareware from
New-Ware. (3,445K)

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Uploaded Sun Jan 08 2017 06:54 pm

ZipMaster v3.2 - Powerful, full-featured ZIP
archive control system. Dual directory tree
display.  Browse and tag from all files on
one drive. Supports PKZIP/PKUNZIP 2.04
options.  Supports ZIP2EXE, PKFIXZIP, PKLITE,
Copy/move/delete files.  Built-in text
editor.  Requires PKWare ZIP system, LIST.COM
suggested. Complete directory tree
manipulation.  User configurable.