• hi

    From Captain Kirk to All on Fri Feb 1 03:02:28 2013
    Just wanted to say hi. I live across the state. My house was also impacted by a tornado, the one that swept StL County a few weeks before the much worse Joplin tornado. Glad to see the BBS is still alive.

    Today I was trying to d/l some files. Not sure what went wrong but I think I may have hung the BBS up. Now that I'm back on, I don't see the same file areas that were there before... Did you have to take them down? You had a great collection of BBS doors, which is what I was interested in. I loved how there were multiple old versions of some classics: BRE, SE, FE, Global War, Assassin etc.

    Also, I wanted to point out that th main menu has two commands switched. It says "O" for text files and "G" for logoff, but in fact it seems to be the opposite.